Consultations ”Think Retail” aim at improving the professional expertise in an Organization through analysing the business results vs the experience and theoretical knowledge.
The gathered information is veryfied being based on business processes. Thanks to this it becomes clearer and understandable.
The procedures and tools previously verified by the Customer are then enriched with new solutions. In consequence what we get is the improved, efficient processes and the tools enabling us to make strategic decisions for the future.

The Range Strategy and Product Categories Management
The product management is not possible without linking the brand strategy to the Customer’s expectations and the competition actions. Thanks to this connection the amount of categorization and consequently the amount of management operations become optimal and the Organization benefits from the unity of the brand image and the lower managing costs.

The Preparation of Sales Plans: the modern approach to budgeting
Nowadays a traditional sales planning which used to be based on the rise in the turnover and surface area has become insufficient. A modern approach to planning demands the analysis of numbers, critical look at operational actions in the area of goods deliveries, allocation, promotions, discounts and their impact on the financial result. Due to such an approach another operational and purchasing actions will generate a bigger profit.

The Integrated Range Managing
The Range managing concerns many areas: purchasing, logistics, sales. Each of these departments works according to a different calendar, in different and specific conditions and each of them „touches” the same goods. The art of range planning is integrating the processes within those areas in such a way that they are coherent and that they generate the planned profit.

The Inventory Level Optimalization
Managers face the challenge of combining several facts together: inventory reduction and providing a full offer to the customers along with the increase in efficiency in goods replenishment system. Those goals which at first seem to stand in contradiction,may be brought together by the overall look through the processes, categorizations and parameters along with the introduction of the procedures and the KPI management system.

Optimization of Pricing and Discount Policy
The price – the key factor which stimulates the demand and at the same time dramatically influances the generated margin. The capability of price management which means the controlling of the price level, promotions and discounts directly affects the brand image and lets maximize the sales in the original prices and the increase in efficiency of promotions and discounts.