Consultations Think Retail aim at improving the professional expertise in an Organization through analysing the business results vs the experience and theoretical knowledge.
The gathered information is veryfied being based on business processes. Thanks to this it becomes clearer and understandable.
The procedures and tools previously verified by the Customer are then enriched with new solutions. In consequence what we get is the improved, efficient processes and the tools enabling us to make strategic decisions for the future.


Think Retail offers the Operational Audits as well as the support for HR departments in Personal Audits at the selected positions.
The goal of the audit is to evaluate the processes completed in an Organization. The evaluation concerns the productivity, effectiveness and savings. What is also evaluated is the management efficiency. As a result of the Audit the recommendation is made to implement the changes and rationalizations which, by using the Organization’s potential, will lead to optimalization of all kinds of processes and in consequence to the improvement of business results.