How to be price attractive and sell for the optimum value? How to change the price perception of the customers? Why is the strategy of low prices not good? Are the promotions, discounts and sell-outs optimum in relation to the customers’ wallet? When does the loyalty program bring the measurable benefits?


Methods of pricing
Methods of prices studies
Range categorization according to the product life cycle
Price vs the cycle of the product life
Prices structures
Kinds of promotions and discounts – systematization
Planning of prices, promotions and discounts
Sell-outs policy
Informing about prices and discounts


The overall pricing on the level of categories and the product life cycle as an element of brand strategy.
The assumptions for promotions and sell-out policy corresponding to the brand image and the profit plan.
The necessary reports together with the paremeters (KPI) specific for a given organization and vital from the point of view of prices management.

Do you know that…?

A proper price management is definitely the most important lever of profit but the majority of companies do not appreciate its impact. According to the research from 2011 carried by Simon Kurcher & Partners concerning 3900 companies from all over the world, 65 % of the companies do not establish the prices according to the value level of the products and services. The lack of the appropriate pricing dicreases the profits by 25%.