Retail networks operating in the industry of clothing/footwear/accessories/interior furnishings.


The offer of documents package concerning the work of Product Manager
The package includes:
- the description of the position
- the draft of organizational structure
- the description of the competences together with the recruitment sheet
- the evaluation and competence developement sheet

”Product management is an idea which has already found its place. The position of product manager is a challenge – it is demanding but it gives satisfaction. Along with the new challenges connected with the introduction of a product into the market, product managers will have more and more responsibilities. A lot of companies will experiment with the product management teams, make decisions to accumulate the manager’s responsibilities or to introduce the model of business unit manager. The companies which will elaborate the most efficient structures will first of all employ, train, give competence to their own product managers. Due to that, the products elaborated by them will be integrated internally (from the point of view of the product) and externally (from the point of view of the customer).

Irrespectively of the changes in the nature of organization’s structure, the product management is unlikely to disappear in the future. The efficient product managers will make use of the expertise about the individual market segments (including the global ones) and the expertise on the key competences of the organization and the feasibility of using them in order to satisfy the market goals. In other words – the product manager of the future will be able to please the customers, being a multifunction leader of the organization.”

Linda Gorchels
„The Product Manager’s Handbook”