Retail networks operating in the industry of clothing/footwear/accessories/interior furnishings


The evaluation of the goods deliveries paying special attention to efficiency, costs and funds and the ability to reach the business goals.
As a result the offer of the model ”Just in Time” and ”accumulative dispatches” for the deliveries and allocations as well as supplementations of the goods adjusted to the needs of the organization.
Fully described process along with the procedures, responsibility and managing the parameters (KPI) which measure the efficiency in the areas of time, costs and quality.

”Cost and risk reduction and contingency planning – these are the main forecasts concerning the trends in management of the supply chains in 2012.
In 2012 the supply chains will be at risk of a constant increase in unpredictable factors. For the majority of organizations the key issues will remain the costs along with the increased risk of disruptions in the supply chain. Such a situation requires a better contingency planning as well as an enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing the supply chain and a wider use of technology. The contemporary supply chains need to be more flexible, developed and efficient in order to meet the requirements of the market and the higher amount of channels and geographical areas. This seems to be indispensable in allowing to optimize the sales, enlarge the supply chain as well as to protect the brand value.”

Martin Lockwood, Craig Sears, Manhattan Associates
„The trends in sypply chain”