How to perform a process of planning in order to fulfill the classic retail assumptions: „ The right goods, in the right price, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time”? How to combine business and use the efficiency of sales department, merchandising, purchasing and logistics to the maximum? How to meet expectations of customers, outpace the competition and perform the financial result at the same time?


Structure, roles and processes in the organization
Calendar of planning
Hierarchies of product, time and location
Financial plan
Categories, the product life cycle
Plan according to the categories
Timetable and delivery monitoring
Safety stock
Allocation plan
Algorithm of goods supplementation
Deliveries plan
Range plan
The measures used and KPI
Business goals vs KPI


The multiplan of deliveries, dispatches and sales, corresponding to the customers’ demands and market conditioning, prepared for individual locations and goods categories, on the level of the quantity and value including the price threshold, discounts and promotions.
The planning calendar including all the management areas with the roles and competences assigned.

Do you know that…?

According to Levy & Weitz, 40% of sales failures in the clothing industry and 33% of them in food industry is considered by the customers to be the result of the goods deficiency or to be due to the lack of sizes, too high a price, bad labelling or display??