How to prepare the sales plans which would be as close to the real ones as possible? How to calculate the lost sale? How to use and translate into values the improvement in operational efficiency of an organization? How to reflect the business goals in KPI rates? Which measures and rates are the most important? How not to drown in the excess of the above?


Trends and seasonality of sale
Lesson Learnt: the diagnosis of the past
Methods of the sales forecasting
Categorization of the distribution network
Analysis of market environment
Lost Sales Analysis
Factors of organization capability increase
Planning of sales events
Planning of permanent factors
Use of measure and KPI
Business goals vs KPI
Budget validation


The plan of sales, margin and promotions which takes into consideration the lost sales which is the result of delays, goods defficiency, unforeseen sales trends, unplanned promotions etc.
Systematization of measures and KPI, paying special attention to preassumed business goals.

Do you know that..?

Despite the fact that your income and profit increase from year to year, the lost sale being the result of operational mistakes, such as delays, incidental promotions and discounts, may equal to 20% of your income??