How to build an offer which fulfills the Customers’ demands, outstands on the market and at the same time realizes assumptions of the brand strategy? How to control the market and see if our offer still stays competitive? How to organize the effective system of sales and inventory management?

Areas of analysis:

Brand strategy: the elements of competitive dominance
Customer Decision Tree
Analysis of the competition
Brand positioning
Optimization of the SKU amount: width and depth of assortment
Product life cycle
Hierarchy of categories: buttom up
Roles of categories: price, promotions and format strategies
Measures used and KPI
Business goals vs KPI
Analysis and reports
„Rescue Plan”


The list of assortment categories is consistent with the Customer Decision Tree of the customer and the brand strategy.
The defining of the roles of the categories within the area of price, promotion and format strategies.
The package of the procedures and reports to manage the sales, margin, promotions and stock along with the business goals consistent with the KPI parameters.

Do you know that …?

Distinguishing from the fashion collection a part of a long life cycle with the 20% share of income and working out a proper price and promotion strategy may bring an income increase of 5%??